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Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
The streets of Brooklyn were safer today, because of a new NYPD recruit. Eric Cao is 8 years old and battling a life threatening illness. His one wish: to become a police officer.
Enter NYPD Patrol Borough Brooklyn North and NYPD 83rd precinct. Together, on Monday June 26, they put together a wonderful afternoon of events to make Eric's dream come true.

Officer Eric - NYPD for a day
All of the accessories were ready for Eric's arrival. Everything proper size, perfectly selected down to the handcuffs (complete with set of keys), and walkie talkie.

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure

Officer Eric - NYPD for a day
He may have walked into Brooklyn North as Eric, but within seconds, he transformed into Officer Cao: ready to catch the bad guys! 

Officer Eric - NYPD for a day

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
After some comments from the police chief, it was time to hit the road.

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
First stop, the 83rd precinct, where Officer Cao met some of his fellow police men and women. He even helped administer a roll call!

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure

Officer Eric - NYPD for a day
Things didn't stay calm for very long, as there was trouble nearby. Two thieves were trying to break into a car. Who would be brave enough to thwart this dastardly deed?

Officer Eric - NYPD for a day
Officer Cao, with police backup, canine and helicopter, rushed out of the police vehicle and gave chase to the 2 criminals, and backed them into a corner. They had nowhere to go. Officer Cao had them right where he wanted them!

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
Cuff 'em, Eric! Officer Cao with his first *two* successful arrests! A big round of applause from onlookers and media as the thieves are brought to the police vehicles to be sent directly to jail, thanks to the courageous hero Officer Cao!

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
The bravery of Officer Cao drew admiration from innocent onlookers, who congratulated Eric for his great deeds in protecting the city today.

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
Afterwards, Officer Cao took a victory pose with his two apprehended foes, before the entire squad jumped in for the celebration

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
Finally, with the streets safe again, Officer Cao, now Eric again, could sit down and enjoy a victory snack.

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
The most touching part of this wish grant was seeing the smile on Eric's mother's face the entire time. Mrs. Cao was so elated to see how much fun her son was having.

Being a part of days like this truly fills my heart with joy.

Officer Eric's NYPD Adventure
This entire scenario was made possible by a lot of effort and coordination between Make A Wish and the NYPD: several members of the media were invited to cover the event. Proper areas of the city were blocked off for safety. The helicopter and canines were organized. The two robbers in the scene? Police officers in their regular clothes, participating on their day off. For a first time participating in a wish grant, these Brooklyn police squads did a wonderful job.

Wish grants like these bring happiness and hope to children battling life threatening illnesses. Studies have shown that days like these are pivotal in igniting the power of positivity, impacting recovery. Many Wish kids who have beat their illnesses and have lived healthy lives pinpoint their Wish grant as the turning point of their recovery.

The power of a wish.

Eric continues his battle, but now, Officer Cao has a new case to solve.

About this Blog

For me, the point of volunteering for Make-A-Wish is to bring the skills and passion I have for storytelling to make more wishes come true. I love bringing stories alive through multimedia platforms - social media, blogs and video posts – so that all of you can feel like you are front and center watching a wish unfold live! I’m excited to bring you incredible stories of joy, resilience and healing that can only happen with Make-A-Wish.

I first witnessed the power of a wish first hand through my work as a broadcaster with WWE. It was incredibly powerful to see children whose wish to meet their favorite WWE star, literally transformed right in front of my eyes.

I'm going to be your host as Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of critically ill children. I can't wait to bring you these extraordinary stories involving incredible people! Please feel free to reach out and let me know what you are thinking about the stories and let’s figure out how everyone can get involved.”

Arda Ocal @ardaocaltv

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