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Evelyn wished to go to Hawaii

Evelyn wished to go to Hawaii

“ I can’t even believe that my wish came true ”

Evelyn is a happy, caring, and compassionate 6-year-old. Her bright spirit never fails to shine through – even while receiving medical treatment for a brain tumor.  Despite her condition, her mother Tori says Evelyn still manages to think about other people and how they are feeling. “She is always concerned with the people around her, and trying to help them. I guess you could call her a little mother hen,” says Tori. 


Evelyn comes from an active family that loves nature. They enjoy going on hikes and to the beach. When given the opportunity, at first Evelyn wasn’t sure what she’d want her wish to be, but then she decided to wish for a visit to a tropical paradise – Hawaii! Evelyn thought it was cool because, “it is made entirely out of volcanoes!”

On her big wish day, it was -20 degrees outside her home. Evelyn and her family were more than excited to fly off to warmth and sunshine!  Tori’s hope for the trip was to make the most out of each moment for her entire family. 

Evelyn loved snorkeling at Rainbow Reef at the resort and jumping the big waves in the ocean. A special treat for the family was going on a dolphin watching cruise. Although she was hesitant to snorkel in the ocean because it was so large, she loved being out on the boat, as she had never been on one before. Tori says, “It was so cute to see the wind blowing through her hair.”

Evelyn had lots of fun at the Disney character breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy, and enjoyed some educational experiences as well.  Marine biologists on the resort taught the children about different kinds of fish, what they eat, and how to take care of them. The family also visited Pearl Harbor and learned about the events that had occurred there. 

Since her wish has been granted, Evelyn remains happy and compassionate. “I can’t even believe that my wish came true,” she declares. Tori is extremely grateful to Make-A-Wish. “They are the best organization, and I love seeing what they do for all of the kids, Evelyn included.”

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