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Gabriela wished to go to Japan

Gabriela wished to go to Japan

“ The moment the two friends saw each other again was incredibly special ”

- Gabriela's Dad

Six-year-old Gabriela bubbles with enthusiasm when telling of her recent and truly magical wish to visit a dear friend who moved away. Seems like a simple enough wish, at first, until you understand her friend moved back to his father’s native country, Japan. Gabriela’s friend, a little boy named Zen, was and remains very special to her. He was six, like Gabriela. She met him in school and they quickly became close as did Gabriela’s and Zen’s families.

Zen told Gabriela about what was soon going to be his home, Japan, and Gabriela wanted very much to visit him there. It was a wish that turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. Gabriela’s dad recalls that the moment the two friends saw each other again was incredibly special. Gabriela’s mom adds that re-uniting the two friends made both families enormously happy.

She also reports how visiting the sights and the cities of Japan was a wonderful experience. The cities were beautiful and clean. Yet in the end, dad claims, most special of all was the time the families spent together. Dad preserved the many precious moments and memories with numerous photos so Gabriela can relive her heart-touching trip whenever she thinks of her friend.

Summing up other places she visited and things that she enjoyed while in Japan, little Gabriela remembers succinctly, “I went to Disney World [Tokyo Disney] and a tower and I got Japanese coins!” And most importantly, she got to spend time with her friend, Zen!

Wish-granting volunteers: Christine Cookman & Alexis Minosian
Wish story writer: Linda Delmonico Prussen

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