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Metro New York

Here you’ll find the staff at our Metro New York office with their contact information

Wesley Alexander
Manager, Data and Technology

Mohamed Amin
Coordinator, Donor Services

Tracey Anton
Senior Manager, Brand + Communications

Amanda Badean
Manager, Human Resources

Melisha Begerman
Coordinator, Operations and Office Administration

Jon Bennett
Coordinator, Donor Care

Leighann Buscemi
Director, Special Events & Community Fundraising

Laura Canepa
Senior Manager, Finance

Rosemary Conder
Chief Development Officer

Anika Daughtry
Senior Director, Wish Granting and Volunteer Support

Brittany DiDonato
Manager, Wish Alumni

Cindy Dorantes
Associate, Medical Outreach

Evan Felicetti
Coordinator, Wish Logistics

Tom Flaherty
Chief Financial Officer

Gina Florescu
Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew Goldweber
Manager, Community Fundraising

Samantha Gurowski
Manager, Wish Logistics

Kristen Henry
Manager, Digital Communication + Analytics

Hugo Hernandez
Manager, Wish Assist

Tavia Ho
Associate, Finance

Jennifer Jung
Associate, Special Events

Colleen Lee
Director, Corporate Relations

Diana Lopez
Assistant Director, Wish Granting and Volunteer Support

Phil Lussier
President & CEO

Kelly McCabe
Manager, Wish Relationships

Elizabeth Merkouris
Manager, Annual Campaign & Donor Services 

Elizabeth Mosqueira 
Associate, Wish Assessment & Relationship

Valerie Nolasco
Manager, Medical, Community and Volunteer Engagement

Brenda Ogunsusi
Associate, Volunteer Engagement & Coaching

Brianna Ortega 
Coordinator, Wish Relationship

Kristen Rasquin
Manager, Data Services

Melissa Rau
Coordinator, Wish Logistics

Angela Ryan
Associate, Medical, Volunteer & Community Engagement

Erica Sandoval
Director, Medical, Volunteer & Community Engagement

Catherine Smith
Associate, Wish Relationships

Caroline Ver Planck
Coordinator, Special Events & Community Fundraising

Iveth Villatoro
Coordinator, Wish Relationship

Make-A-Wish® Metro New York and Western New York
500 5th Avenue
Suite 2900
New York, NY 10110
(212) 957-9474
Toll Free Emergency Only (877) 977-5688
Make-A-Wish® Western New York
100 Sylvan Parkway
Suite 101
Amherst, NY 14228
(716) 810-9474
Toll Free (888) 336-9474
Make-A-Wish® Western New York, Rochester Regional Office
3025 Monroe Avenue
Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 272-9474
Toll Free (888) 336-9474