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Why Wishes Can’t Wait For These Children – ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!!

Wishes Can't Wait Blog
Wish granting is important year round, and during the summer months more wishes are granted than any other season, making fundraising and volunteering high priorities to support these additional wishes that need to be granted before school starts for wish kids in the fall.
Summertime is peak wish-granting season. More wishes are granted to children than other any season. From July 1 until August 31, Make-A-Wish has more than 200 wishes to grant for local children. The Wishes Can’t Wait Campaign was started to raise the funds and meet the increasing demands for wish-granting volunteers to support theses wishes. As summer winds down for you and your family, please consider making a gift so that wishes don’t wait. 

Most families (97%) also observe that wishes provide an increase in their children’s emotional health, giving sick children their power back through courage and strength to keep going even after they receive their wish. Take Manhattan native Christopher, an outgoing, sports-loving teenager who can’t play because of the serious condition of his autoimmune disease lupus. Christopher wants to become a doctor one day, but until then he dreams of swimming with dolphins with his parents, brothers and sisters. Although his wish will come true in the coming weeks, there are still hundreds of more children in New York City alone that need their wishes granted.

A wish gives the child an opportunity to step outside of the hospital’s routine and rigorous treatments and be a “normal” kid. 9-year-old Jordan, who was diagnosed with cancer, wished to have a performance room with a stage and said, “Having the stage built has quite simply meant happiness.” In fact, 99%of wish kid parents reported the wish experience gave their children increased feelings of happiness.  

For 6-year-old Penelope, experiencing her wish to go to Paris after battling leukemia changed her outlook on treatment. Her parents reported upon return: “Penelope’s trip represented healing and the next phase. It was like starting a new chapter. In some ways she realizes that she is getting better.”

Happiness, laughter, and the hope that comes along with wishes bring children renewed energy and fight.. When they return from a trip, receive a gift, or embrace an experience they’ve always wanted, it prepares them for the next round of treatment or healing process. According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, laughter is a natural medicine, which can promote overall health and wellness. It has the power to relieve physical and emotional stress or discomfort, which many Make-A-Wish children experience through diagnosis and treatment.   

Take 9-year old Aiden, a major baseball fan diagnosed with a brain tumor who was quickly put through chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He wished to meet the players of the New York Yankees baseball team with his uncle. He got autographs and took photos with the players and Yankees manager Joe Girardi. His mother said: “That was the happiest I’ve seen Aiden in a while. It was amazing, he was just so happy.  All in all, the entire experience of being there with his uncle, having that time away without having to think about doctors, where Aiden could just feel like a kid for a minute - it was incredible.”

To donate to a local, national, or international Make-A-Wish chapter, please visit the Wishes Can’t Wait campaign page. 

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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