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Oct 04, 2017

Mason's wish to visit Bora Bora

This October, Make-A-Wish is proudly celebrating the granting of 300,000 wishes worldwide. In honor of that milestone, we're sharing a touching testimonial from the mother of a young man whose wish took the family to Bora Bora. Suzanne explains what her son's wish meant to him and her entire family:

"We can't begin to thank everyone enough for this wonderful experience Make-A-Wish provided. Our kids are our best friends. Not many parents can say that because as parents we spend a lot of time trying to teach our children and guide them. Dean and I have been blessed with the most amazing kids. They have more wisdom than most. Some of that has been learned from Mason being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. He went through chemo with the strength most adults don't have. 

This trip allowed us to relax and see the most amazing things we have never seen before. We laughed a lot. Dean, my husband, has a great sense of humor and was our personal entertainment. We just enjoyed being with each other - talking, swimming, and exploring an ocean of endless creatures. It was like having an aquarium at your fingertips. I think Mason's favorite part of the trip was going on a snorkeling expedition with his father. Dean had a feeling they would find sting rays. As they swam out they saw beautiful coral, large sharks (oh my) and every kind of ocean fish imaginable, as well as sting rays. I didn't have the courage to go out for that but when they came back their faces said it all. They also showed me the underwater pictures they took. This is why I can't thank everyone enough for this experience. 

The choice of a wish was hard for Mason to make. He at one point said he didn't want a wish. I think he felt he wasn't deserving of it. There are so many people who deserve this special experience, so I want everyone at Make-A-Wish to know how much we appreciate all the hard work, volunteering, money, and time it took to do this for us. 

From the bottom of my heart, and my family's, thank you so much."

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