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A Little Boy with a Big Heart Gives Back

When Aiden’s wish to meet the Power Rangers at Disney World was granted in 2017, “everything lightened up,” said his mother, Kavita.

“He is obsessed with the Power Rangers! It was beyond magical. He tells everyone he meets about it! Aiden is so thankful and happy for the wish that he had.”

After his wish was granted, Aiden became passionate about making sure that all children get a wish. In school, the first-grader was assigned a presentation that could be on any topic he wanted. The little boy with the big heart chose to talk to his classmates about how to make the world a better place. For Aiden, the world is the best place when everyone knows how to give back and donate to causes that mean something to them.

This assignment sparked an idea for Aiden. “He told me he wanted to donate to Make-A-Wish so that another child could get a wish just like he did,” Kavita explained. It was around his birthday and Aiden decided to ask for very special gifts. He asked his family and friends to celebrate his birthday by donating to Make-A-Wish. Aiden and his mom became a part of the Wish Your Way program, where he got to use his ideas, creativity and passion to start his own fundraiser. They put together a campaign, created a post on Facebook and their friends and family went crazy! In just a couple of days, Aiden raised $1,200 to help another child’s wish to be granted. When he realized how much he had donated, he was filled with joy and pride. Just a few days later, Aiden told his mom how he wanted to do an even bigger fundraiser. Aiden’s selflessness is something we are so inspired by!  

To learn more about starting a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish please visit the Wish Your Way section of our website.You can also contact Elizabeth Merkouris, Manager, Annual Campaign & Donor Services, at (646) 588-5613.

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