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Jul 23, 2019

A Wish in Progress Inspires and Brings a Magical World to Life

On her first day of eighth grade, Bettirose was diagnosed with leukemia.

She went from being a popular, happy teenage girl, to the girl with cancer. Everything in her life shifted.

She went from hanging out with friends, constantly surrounded by people, to celebrating her 13th birthday in the hospital with nurses, a social worker and a child life specialist. It all happened so fast. She lost touch with friends and her interest in singing and playing music, which once brought her so much joy. She felt weak, tired and isolated.

But being sick helped Bettirose realize a couple of things. One is that while friends may drift away during a time of crisis, her family is truly the center of her world. They have been beside her throughout every step of this difficult medical journey.

Her illness also taught her how strong she can be. She returned to music in a different way – almost as a therapy, and it gave her strength, comfort, and inspiration.

Bettirose’s journey helped her discover that she has a story to tell and inspired her to help others. Now, through Make-A-Wish, she’s able to do that.

Her wish is to tell her story – to write a book and have it published. She is currently writing about her experience in the form of a story she would want to read – a young adult fantasy novel.

In the novel, an energetic and popular teen named Liv is diagnosed with leukemia. When her treatments progress, but her condition does not improve, her doctor tells Liv about an option that is a last resort - passage to another world, Althea, a place of magical healing, a world that has defeated illness. But when she gets there, things in Althea are not what they seem, and it’s up to Liv to save the day, despite her illness.

It is Bettirose’s hope that her story and book inspire kids who are going through something difficult. Her goal is to help other kids, who suffer from illnesses like hers, find inspiration and realize that they may be sick, but they are strong.

Stay tuned for future updates on wish kid Bettirose and her currently untitled novel.

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