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Dec 18, 2018

Easton's Journey Toward Healing

In March of 2017, Easton’s parents heard the news that their two-year-old son had stage four cancer.
Since that day, his family has been fighting to save his life. After chemotherapy and several surgeries, the family returned home thinking they had beaten his illness. One week later, Easton had a seizure that led doctors to discover a rapidly growing brain tumor that required emergency removal.

Even after the removal and chemotherapy, Easton’s cancer returned for the third time. Easton has spent months in the hospital, separated from his siblings and fighting for his life.

Easton was granted a wish from Make-A-Wish Alabama this past September, getting to spend an adventure-filled week in Disney World with his family. Easton’s illness makes it hard for him to feel like a regular little boy but this week at Disney World gave him and his family an escape from their normal world of tests and treatments. The photos his family shared show the joy and relief the wish trip provided to them. Easton’s smile said it all—he was just another little boy while on his wish.


Almost a month after his wish, after his family was told to take him home on hospice care, his parents took him to get additional scans after his energy levels improved. The scans came back clear—Easton was cancer-free after three relapses and months of fighting cancer! The Carraway family could finally cry happy tears instead of pain-filled ones. Their Facebook page, Easton’s Journey, has over 15,000 followers and their community has rallied behind them as they prayed and hoped for a miracle. Easton’s doctors could not explain why his scans were suddenly clear and told the Carraway family to continue to do what they had done—hope and support their little boy.

Make-A-Wish Alabama was happy to play a part in Easton’s journey toward healing and Make-A-Wish Metro New York is proud to share his story. Easton’s entire community of support and those who made his wish possible gave him and his family lasting hope.


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