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May 13, 2019

Madelynn is Living Life on Her Own Terms

Wish kid Madelynn took her interest in fashion to the next level with her wish to meet Dina Scherer, a top New York City image & wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, and the owner Modnitsa Styling.

The 17-year-old fashionista traveled from her home in Canada to get pro-tips on how to create a look that is distinctly hers. But her desire to work with a stylist went beyond the normal teenage passion for fashion.


Madelynn is living with a degenerative genetic disease called Wolfram’s syndrome. One of the many complications of this disease is a gradual loss of vision. She had recently developed optic atrophy, which has caused her to become color blind. She shared, “Since I have become color blind, I have a difficult time matching clothes and knowing which colors are which. I love shopping and fashion and want Dina to help me look my best."

Madelynn’s whirlwind day began with a personal color analysis at Dina’s downtown office. She had already completed a detailed questionnaire about her style likes and dislikes. Dina draped swatches of beautifully colored cloth around her shoulders to get a sense of what colors brought out the best in Madelynn’s complexion and that she felt beautiful in.


Then it was time to shop. Dina, Madelynn and her mom, dad and little sister were whisked away in a stretch limo for some retail therapy. They spent several hours choosing and trying on clothes. By the end of the afternoon, Madelynn had a gorgeous new wardrobe chosen especially for her.


Although she is facing very serious health challenges, Madelynn refuses to be defined by her disease. She is learning, as fashion guru Tim Gunn would say, to “make it work.” Madelynn’s wish is helping her face an uncertain future on her own terms – with her head held high and looking fabulous.


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