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Mar 01, 2019

Micaela's wish to be a cardiothoracic surgeon

When 16-year-old Micaela became ill, the doctors really weren’t sure what was wrong.

She had received four different diagnoses before it was finally determined that she had non-HPV cervical cancer.

Micaela had chemo for 3-4 weeks but then another tumor was found. She was immediately hospitalized and started radiation. The next scan, however, revealed more tumors in her lungs and liver. At that point she started immunotherapy and is still on it after more than a year. Fortunately, her health is getting better every day. 

Micaela was introduced to Make-A-Wish while in the hospital. The simple but powerful idea of a life-changing wish came at a time when she faced uncertainty and fear.

Ever since she was a child she had been fascinated by medicine. She was particularly interested in someday becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. And from that, a wish was born.


Micaela’s wish to be a cardiothoracic surgeon came true thanks to a special partnership with Texas Heart Institute and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, Texas.


For a week, Micaela shadowed some of the world’s best in cardiothoracic science. She observed six surgeries from inside the O.R. and witnessed cutting edge research.


She had amazing mentors who taught, guided and advised. Micaela explains, “It was more than just looking at my future, but also helping me decide where I want to be and where I want to go and what I want to do and how I can make that happen.”

“For her to have something to focus on, to spend time thinking about what she wanted to do, that itself is a gift,” said her father, Rich. “This is a life-changing experience. It has cemented her decision to do everything she can to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.”


“Everything that happened during my wish was more than I could have imagined!” said Micaela.

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