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Apr 02, 2019

Palmer is treated like a star at "Mean Girls"

You would never know from meeting happy and outgoing Palmer that she had experienced some extraordinary medical challenges.

At six she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and spent months in the hospital receiving chemotherapy and fighting through complications.

Now nine, she has been in remission for three years and got to celebrate by having her one true wish granted – to be in a Broadway show! That wish came true thanks to the generosity of the team at "Mean Girls," who rolled out the red carpet for her.

It was an emotional experience for not just Palmer and her family but for many others involved that night. Palmer was warmly welcomed to the theater by one of the show’s stars, Ashley Park, who is also a survivor of childhood leukemia. Ashley personally did Palmer’s hair and makeup for the show and revealed that she too had received a wish from Make-A-Wish and her wish was ALSO to appear in a Broadway show!


Coincidentally, another “Mean Girls” cast member, Devon Hadsell, is also a childhood cancer survivor as is Justin Winters, the Make-A-Wish Metro New York staff member who coordinated Palmer’s wish. 


Justin reported that tears of joy were flowing all around as Palmer took center stage and made her Broadway debut in front of more than 1,000 people.


“When I was on the stage it was spectacular. I had an awesome time. I loved the bows and I loved when I went across the stage,” Palmer told, who reported the story. “We had a lot of fun on the stage and everyone had joy in their hearts.”

In a moving post on Instagram that night, Ashley wrote that Palmer is her "survivor soul sister” and that they talked about the many things they had in common, especially the joy of having “long hair when there once wasn’t any.” She concluded by writing, “I’ve been asked a lot recently what my favorite memory of MEAN GIRLS has been. Our night with Palmer was beautifully full-circle and is certainly a favorite memory of my life.”


Palmer’s favorite “Mean Girls” memory was towards the end of the night. “When we were on the stage and we finished bowing, all the characters went in a circle and they put me in the middle and they started saying Palmer! Palmer! That was my favorite part,” she said.  

Perhaps Palmer will follow in the footsteps of her “survivor soul sister,” Ashley Park, and find her way back to Broadway someday!

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