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Apr 17, 2019

Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we wanted to recognize someone very special to our chapter. Rachna Vishnubhakat has been a volunteer at Make-A-Wish Metro New York for over 14 years, providing invaluable support to the wish-granting team.

Becoming a Make-A-Wish Volunteer

Rachna was born with spina bifida, a condition that affects her spine and her mobility. When she graduated from college, she very much wanted to teach but ongoing health problems made it difficult to find a job. She had had very good teachers and very good medical care throughout her life and wanted to repay that kindness and care by helping others. She knew that her medical condition is not her identity and that she had a lot to offer in life.

She decided that she might give volunteering a try. Her family suggested Make-A-Wish. She was very interested in kids, had wanted to be a teacher, and thought this would be a different but also valuable way to work on behalf of children.

Rachna began volunteering at Make-A-Wish in February 2005. Nervous at first, she quickly grew to love the work. She was doing what she wanted to do - making others happy. “Someone was getting something wonderful because of my efforts,” she said.

“When you live with a chronic illness you know that you will always have challenges. Helping kids gives me a reason to get out of bed,” she continued. Facilitating their happiness gives her life meaning. She is the person she wanted to be – a person who gives.

The Impact of Volunteering for Make-A-Wish

“It made me a better person. It doesn’t take a lot to make an impact on someone’s life. I might have some physical limitations, but I am making a difference and working with people who are making a difference,” she said.

What people should know about Make-A-Wish

“Make-A-Wish is committed to bringing happiness to kids, to creating the ideal wish experience. When you have a chronic illness, choices are taking away from you – how you want to feel, what you want to achieve. We give choices back to wish kids. It’s the greatest thing we do – we give kids freedom and choices,” she reflects.

“At the end of the day, we’re giving them back the experience of childhood. To be a kid again.”

Thank you, Rachna, and all of the amazing, kind-hearted and generous Make-A-Wish volunteers who work so hard to make wishes come true for kids in our community.

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