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Sep 03, 2019

Wish Mom Stacy - Fundraising for Future Wishes

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Stacy’s son Alex, who lives with cerebral palsy and other serious medical challenges, recently had his wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort granted. The experience was life-changing for the whole family and inspired Stacy to begin fundraising for Make-A-Wish to help give that same opportunity to other children and families.
What was it like when you got the phone call that Alex’s wish was going to be granted?
We were filled with JOY. Alex has been through so much since the minute he was born, and we were given the opportunity to make him feel happiness and have new experiences. For the first time, the possibilities were endless!

How did Alex’s wish impact you and your family? 
Alex’s medical and physical needs have restricted the options to take a big family vacation. This trip helped us do something with our kids that they could both participate in together. As parents and as a family, this is priceless.

What was Alex’s favorite part of the wish? What was yours? 
Alex’s favorite part was definitely meeting (and hugging) the characters at Give Kids the World, and at Disney. He also loved the wheelchair accessible rides like Nemo and Small World . Our favorite part was seeing Alex smile and feel pure joy like he never has had before. 

What was the first step you took in deciding you wanted to fundraise to give back to help grant more wishes like Alex’s? 
Seeing how many volunteers help make wishes come true, and how hard they work to make the most incredible experience for these kids makes us want to give back and (wish) it forward. We were blown away by every detail and special surprise throughout our wish trip.

How did you go about hosting a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish? 
I have a small business, and donated my commission the month after we returned, and had a great response from customers, friends, and family. We raised over $800 in just a few days! 

You have said you wanted to get your school involved in more fundraising, why do you think this is important? 
Sometimes we forget that even though our daughter knows about kids that are sick and benefit from these wishes, most kids don’t. I’d love to get our school involved so kids and families in our community can see how much these wishes impact a kid and their family. 

What is your advice to Wish Families that are thinking about getting involved in fundraising? 
The fundraiser I did was small, but it got me thinking about other ways to raise money. Start small, with something you’re already involved in and take it from there. Every little bit counts!

For more information about how you can help fundraise for our chapter, please visit our website or email Caroline Ver Planck at

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