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Beste wished to go to Disneyland® Resort

Beste wished to go to Disneyland Resort

“ Make-A-Wish allowed us to take a break and breathe ”

Minnie Mouse is part of the family in 6-year-old Beste’s home. She’s the little girl’s favorite toy, cartoon character and the main occupant of her bookshelf. It took no time for Beste, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, to announce that her one true wish was to meet her beloved friend in person at Disneyland® Resort in California.

Every trip to Disneyland Resort is special, but it was especially magical for Beste and her family. Since she is an energetic little girl, her family took advantage of every opportunity for fun they could! Beste enjoyed floating in the pool at the hotel in the warm sun, eating yummy breakfasts with Disney characters, zooming through the air on the amusement rides, and being dazzled by spectacular fireworks at night. Her family was always on the move. “Beste is an active girl,” her mom, Nilufer, says with a smile. “We were always doing something or going somewhere.” Even with all there was to do, Beste had traveled to Disneyland for one reason, and that was to make her dream come true.

When the moment came and Beste caught sight of Minnie Mouse for the first time, her jaw dropped and eyes widened. She was thrilled to see her favorite character in real life and it was definitely the highlight of the trip. “She actually asked Minnie if she could kiss Mickey, who was there too, playing with Beste’s sister,” shares Nilufer with a laugh.

The family had such an amazing week, reports mom. “We were so happy there! It’s such a different atmosphere,” she says. “Anything they could dream of was right there, within their reach.” Now, Beste asks her mother where Minnie is and if she will visit her. “Of course,” she explains to her daughter, “but now she is visiting other kids who want to see her.”

She shares her belief that the new experiences boosted her daughter’s well-being. “Beste doesn’t usually have enough people around her, and she is so sociable,” Nilufer notes. “She changed a lot after the trip. She’s become more positive and now has all these great memories that she is old enough to remember.” 

In summing up their experience, Nilufer adds, “Make-A-Wish® allowed us to take a break and breathe. During the trip I was able to focus on my kids only and give them 100% of myself because Make-A-Wish took care of everything else. We were a happy family while there, which is the most precious memory of all.” 

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