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Trent Wished to go on Disney Cruise® Lines

Trent wished to go on Disney Cruise Lines

“ I rode a raft and just zoomed the whole way ”

An adventure aboard the high seas was the request of young captain Trent of his wish granting volunteers who promptly sent him, his parents, and little brother, on his dream vacation aboard a Disney Cruise ship!

Ten-year old Trent, who is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, says his wish trip was an unforgettable adventure from the start, right out of a scene from the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” except he traded in a plane ride for a ride aboard a cruise ship.  “It was great, first I rode in a Limo, then we took a train all the way to Florida, then we got on the ship,” he explains.

And the adventures did not stop there! When boarding the ship, Trent spied an enormous waterslide that wraps around the entire ship, and couldn’t wait to try it out.  “It was so much fun.  It’s really fast. I rode a raft and just zoomed the whole way,” Trent zestfully recounts his ride.  

From there, Trent went swimming in the Mickey Mouse shaped pool, and soon after met Mickey Mouse himself.  “Mickey Mouse was so nice,” Trent reports. “I loved meeting all of the characters. “  

Other memorable moments included a visit to Castaway Keys, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.   There Trent was treated to yet another great adventure – swimming with stingrays! He even had the chance to feed them. “They took the food right from my hand; I didn’t even feel it.  First I felt scared but then it was fun.”  

Captain Trent also doubled as detective, when he participated in a ship-wide treasure hunt in search of missing Dalmatians.  The young detective accomplished his mission without a hitch. “I found them,” he boasts. “It was so much fun being a detective.”   

With all this activity, Trent worked up a voracious appetite. Luckily, as anyone who has ever travelled on a cruise ship knows, there is an abundance of food on board. What was Trent’s favorite meal?  “Meatloaf!” he says without hesitation. Trent’s mother comments on his overarching enthusiasm by relating how his special wish has left Trent with a renewed sense of spirit.  Something she says that “will stay with him for a lifetime.”   

Wish granting volunteers: Tracie Cochran & Binoy George
Wish story writer: Domenica Farishian

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