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Susannah wished to have a dog

Sus and Pippin

“ Pippin keeps her safe and her heart full. ”

- Susannah's mom, Sally

  • Susannah , 6

    • nervous system disorder
    • I wish to have a dog

To better understand the impact of what you give to our kids and their families, please see the letter below from the parents of Susannah (“Sus”) who was born with the rare genetic mutation of KIF1A – a degenerative condition that led her to wish simply “to play without falling and hurting.”

I hope you and your families are all hanging in there. We think of you often and of the life-changing gift you and your team gave our daughter and family.

It was two years ago that Susannah told us her wish was “to play without falling and hurting” and her doctors called Make-A-Wish.

Last year at this time Susannah first met Pippin. While things have been especially hard lately for Susannah, life for her would be much more difficult without Pippin by her side.

From helping Sus walk, navigating tricky spaces, sprinting across the room to soothe her after Sus has a major fall, and always being by her side, the true love and connection Pippin and Sus have is beyond words.

We are forever grateful to you and the Make-A-Wish team. Now a year after Sus met her best friend and guardian, we want to say another thank you from all of us. Susannah’s life is changed because of Pippin; all of ours has. She might still have a scary disease with no treatment (yet) that makes her life hard, but she also has Pippin to keep her safe and her heart full — as parents that is everything — and Susannah’s wish has come true. 

You can see in the photos the love Pippin has brought to her life. A wish come true for our daughter. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love and thanks always,

Luke and Sally

Kids get to decide what they want their wish to be – but we know that their parents are very grateful to you. Thank you to our supporters for all you do.

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